YAMMedia, Inc. offers full audio, video, data and VoIP solutions for your business. We provide complete service and installation for HDTV’s, LCD, Projectors, Audio Systems, Computer Networks and VoIP systems.

YAMMedia offers a full suite of services designed to take your business from consultation to implementation. We put a strong emphasis on customer training. Every facet of our services is at highly competitive prices with a strong emphasis on service.

Why YAMMedia is “The Complete Solution”:

We understand the value of having a single point of contact and how your network integrates with VoIP. Many can wire a data network, but don’t have the expertise to configure, troubleshoot and administrate it. Most outsourced IT companies and in-house IT departments lack the expertise to do the job. The result is often a finger-pointing nightmare. Until recently, the worlds of voice and data have been separate. Today these disciplines are converged and few vendors are up to the task of fully understanding how this affects your business.

“There isn’t much competition in the last mile”

With nearly 22 years combined experience; the principals at YAMMedia know that expertise has little value without great customer service. Given the opportunity, we will prove to you that we offer a level of service few can deliver. We view each project and service call as an opportunity to reinforce why you have made the right choice.

Many major vendors have utilized our services as “invisible” subcontractors. We now offer our services directly without the big company mark-up. End-users typically pay these big businesses upwards of $200 per hour. The same level of expertise is available for substantially less directly from us. Since we work directly for you, we get to know every nuance about your applications.